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Multiplication Activities

Multiflyer - As the pilot of a space ship, you must save the solar system while learning and memorizing the multiplication tables. - Choose "teaching lessons" and learn that multiplication is repeated addition. Do you know what the GOOD news is? How about the BETTER news or the BEST news?

Surfing the Net with Kids: Multiplication Flashcards - See how well you do on the timed tests.

Interactive Flash Cards - Play by yourself or with a partner.

Batter's Up Baseball - Select multiplication. Then select a single, double or homerun.

Multiplication Hidden Picture - Solve the multiplication problems to reveal a hidden picture. Math Baseball - Choose multiplication. Answer the problems correctly and see how many runs you can score.

MathCar Racing Game - Outdrive FunBrain's math car by getting the highest score.

StudyStack - Click on "Math" and then scroll down to "Multiplication" table for some helpful activities.

Cyberchallenge - Choose Magnificent Multiplication! (You will need Macromedia Flash 5.)

Arithmetic Practice - Choose "Multiply" and beat the clock.

Spacey Math - From Learning Planet. Enjoy this game! Multiplication - Choose the activity you think you will enjoy.

Natural Math - Are you ready for an adventure in number sense??

Kidport Mathematics - Put the cursor in the first answer box and type the correct answer. See how you do!

The Farm Stand - Come on over to the farm stand to practice your multiplication and addition. Multiply the amount of apples or eggs by their price, then add them together for your total.

Multiplication Concentration - Match the multiplication problems with the answers

Multiplication Matho - Bingo type game with multiplication facts.

Activities for Specific Skills

Bang on Time -

Line Symmetry - Several lessons (including multiple lines of symmetry) with interactive activities for each lesson (from LINKS Learning for Kids)

Number Machine - Cute critters help you count from 0-20. Click 6 to see six animated lizards, worms, bees — or even penguins!

What's My Number? - Match math wits with Dorothy the duck! Recognize numbers 0 through 10 and practice simple addition and subtraction.

How Does My Pattern Grow? - Great for all ages. Patterns get more complex as you pass levels.

Math Activities by Grade Level

Harcourt: Kindergarten || First || 2nd || Third Grade || Fourth Grade || Fifth Grade || Sixth Grade || Seventh Grade || Eighth Grade

Grades K-2 Math Activities

mathFROG for Kids - FROG stands for: Fun Resources and Online Games (for grades 4, 5 and 6)

MathFROG for Kids - Grade 4 || MathFROG for Parents & Teachers

Addition Activities

Addition Facts To 20: Basic Addition || Addition Memory Game ||  Addition Facts Mystery Picture Game || Adding Three Numbers Mystery Picture Game

Adding 2-Digit Numbers: Adding 2-Digit Numbers Without Regrouping Step-by-Step Exercise ||Addition With Regrouping 1 - Step-By-Step Exercise || Adding 2-Digit Numbers Mystery Picture

Math Magician Games -

The Body Runner - click on a part of the interactive body to learn about it

Label Plant Parts - Solar System


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