Assignment 3 - Respiratory System WebLesson

What's a respiratory system? Breathing and the way your body uses oxygen is called respiration. We must breath to live. The organs used to help you breathe and use oxygen make up the Respiratory System.

Learn about your How the Body Works - The Respiratory System at KidsHealth and the drawing at Asthma. It takes a long time to load, so be patient.

1. Draw and label your Respiratory System. (Or you may print out the Respiratory System Worksheet or download it and label that instead of drawing.)

2. Compare a cough and a sneeze. What are the similarities and differences?
3. What is the Respiratory System ? How does it work? Share at least two interesting facts about the Respiratory System.
Now go to The Human Respiratory System. (Site not available, I have used a wonderful resource The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine to allow you to view an archived copy) Read about your Respiratory System.
4. Describe how the air passes through the respiratory system, the four major areas it travels through, and what happens in each place.


KidsHealth Respiratory System Quiz ||

BONUS: How the Body Works Movies from KidsHealth. Select the movie for this system.

BONUS: Many adults and children have Asthma. Tell your group about anyone you know who has asthma. Work through this OUTSTANDING tutorial to learn about asthma and answer the questions below. Be sure to take time to look at the movies and sounds of normal breathing and breathing during an asthma attack (be patient it takes awhile to load - but it's worth the wait). Then answer the questions below.

5. What is asthma? What happens when someone has an asthma attack? Describe normal breathing and compare it to breathing during an asthma attack. What causes an asthma attack? How does it feel?

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