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Only One Space! - Use only one space after any punctuation that separates two sentences.

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Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes
(Classroom Climate Activity)

Composer WebLesson

TV/Media Violence Letter and Survey

Multimedia Presentation Guide

Basic Internet Information
Internet Information for both experienced and new users.

Be sure to check out: Internet Hoaxes & Urban Legends

WA Essential Academic Learning Requirements - Web Based Projects and the EALRs

Science and the Fourth Grader - In fourth grade, students use their developing investigative skills to begin to compare systems. They examine cause and effect and ask what is a fact and what is an opinion. They are primarily exploring more complex systems in a more complex manner, such as the changes of earth systems over time.

Guiding Question: How do we investigate cause and effect in the earth system over time?

Investigative Skills: Determining Cause and Effect;Comparing and Contrasting; Recognizing Fact and Opinion; Synthesizing

Snow Science - As the snow falls, the hearts and minds of students (and teachers) turn to thoughts of the Science of Snow!

Black Box: Determine the shape that is hidden within the grid by probing it with a laser.

Reverse Type/Reverse the Field - Choose the word "learning" and select the letters as quickly as possible.

Current weather conditions recorded by Pioneer's weather equipment.

Keep your skills sharp with Brain Games, Math Brain Games, and Brain Teasers!

Only One Space! - Use only one space after any punctuation that separates two sentences.

Please take a look at our 2006-07 Year in Review!

We ended the year with a Whizzball Challenge.

Physical Science - Energy and Matter Activities ||Whizzball

What is it??? Look at our
"Mystery Object" Projects

Students brought a Mystery Object and used digital microscopes to create challenges for you!

more Student Projects

Bird Nest, Egg Shell & Feather Information Did you know the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act specifies that it is illegal to harm, capture, or possess any migratory bird, feather, nest or egg? Since 99% of all birds migrate, this includes nearly all birds. The following articles explain in detail:

Past Investigation: Mars Exploration 2004!

Habitat Camouflage Challenge

Past Investigation: Physical Science

Whizzball! - We have been studying motion, problem solving, and invention using Whizzball. The purpose of this investigation is to provide experiences that develop the concept of a scientific model and engage students in design and construction of a working system. Open discussion, risk-taking, and free exchange of ideas are critical during the development of the models. Students, your challenges are as follows:
  1. Beginner: Make a puzzle using ONE and ONLY one of each Building Brick.
  2. Intermediate: Make a puzzle using only the outside grid to place Building Bricks. You many use as many or as few Building Bricks as you wish for this challenge.
  3. Advanced 1: Make a puzzle using ONE of each Building Brick - this includes using ALL FOUR directional bricks for each.
  4. Advanced 2: Make a puzzle using ONLY tubes and one spring. The challenge to is use the maximum number of tubes possible. Who can get the most on their grid???

Mrs. B's new buddy, Toby, is a tri-colored long-hair Chihuahua
See pictures of him at 8-weeks and 9-weeks.

Past Investigation: Insects and Arthropods. Mystery Bug Investigation

Check out our Habitat Project and accept the Habitat Camouflage Challenge!

Key Learnings - Students, use this page for your insect question project.Bee Anatomy

B-EYE: The world through the eyes of a bee - written by a neuroscientist working on bee vision.

NATURE: Alien Empire - Bee Anatomy - look at both views of the bee's body

Bee Hive
NATURE: Alien Empire - Enter the Hive - Learn all about the daily life of a honeybee, from pollinating flowers to making and storing honey, by entering their elaborate home.
General Bee Information
Check Your Knowledge
WebBeePop - simulation model to study how honey bee population dynamics depends on the weather
For Fun

Let's Talk About Bugs is an outstanding interactive site developed by the University of Illinois Extension. It is available in both English and Spanish.

Independent student activities to reinforce learning:


"Bee" sings have kept you inside during recess. What insects do we call "bees"? Why do they sting? How can you avoid getting stung?

We started the year with an interactive Black Box investigation. Black box is a general term used by scientists and engineers to describe a system that works in mysterious or unknown ways. A black box can be anything that is a mystery to us. Our Black Box was Foss: Black Box Laser.

Check out Brain Games for fun educational activities.

Exploring the Secret Life of Trees

Outstanding interactive tutorial developed by the University of Illinois Extension. I have broken it into the following sections for use in my instruction. Check out their other Just for Kids learning activities.

Specific Lessons
from Exploring the Secret Life of Trees

Roots || Trunk || Photosynthesis || Four Seasons of Tree Growth || Appreciating & Caring for Trees

Specific Pages for Extension Lessons/Assignments
from Exploring the Secret Life of Trees

Learn about leaves at Leaves of Native Vines, Shrubs and Trees and then try the Review of Leaf Shapes to see how much you remember!

Plant Identification

Plant and Tree Studies

 Mystery Plants - Pioneer Intermediate Student Project Pages

Science/Tech: Plant and Tree Studies - Courtyard Watch - Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Fall? - Images from Science: An Exhibition of Scientific Photography (click on "The Photographs) from the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY.

Other Resources

Basic Internet Information
Internet Information for both experienced and new users. I use it in workshops with teachers, parents, and in my classroom.

Be sure to check out:
Internet Hoaxes & Urban Legends

(Throughout the site a indicates an independent K-2 activity - either no reading required, most students could figure out without help, or an activity specific to that age.)


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