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Internet Information for both experienced and new users. I use it in workshops with teachers, parents, and in my classroom. 
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Classroom Launcher Workshop
* Developing a Classroom Launcher
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WebQuest Workshop
* WebQuest: Developing WebQuests
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* WebQuest Information
* Subject Area Resource Directory
* Primary Age Resources
* Internet Resource Directory
* WebQuest Template
Internet for Educators Workshop
* Basic Internet Information
* Basic Internet Language
* Beginning Internet for Educators
* Chat Room Story
* Hot Link Lists by Subject
* Internet Resources
* Online Projects & Activities
Internet for Parents Workshop
* Beginning Internet for Parents
* Basic Internet Language
* Chat Room Story
* Children's Sites
* Electronic Greetings
* Parent Resources
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Body Systems WebUnit
Body Systems WebQuest

Volcano WebQuest

Composer WebLesson

WebQuest Workshop Resources for Adults

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* General Educational Resources
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* HyperStudio & Multimedia Information
* Creating a HyperStudio Presentation  
* Inspiration Information
* KidPix Information
* Scanner Information
* Tutorials & Help
* AlphaSmart Information
* AlphaSmart Keyboard Commands
* AlphaSmart Trouble Shooting
* Digital Camera Information
* Email Information

Clip Art Pages

I have gathered several pages of free clip art for my students to use. All clip art was represented to me as free. If you see anything that is not free, please notify me and I will remove it immediately.
See also:
School Related WEB Graphic Images
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