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Astronomy WebQuests

9 Planets of Our Solar System
WebQuest - Welcome to a search about the 9 planets of our solar system. Your task is to visit the web sites to out facts about the planets and the solar system. List at least three facts on your planet paper about each planet. Try to find one interesting fact to share with the class. Draw and color a picture of each planet. Label the planet clearly.
Blast Off Into Space(SpaceQuest)
WebQuest - The only trace of evidence to our past is in space. This is where our journey begins venturing into space, out to understand everything that is yet to be discovered.
Classifying the Planets
WebQuest - Scientists classify planets in many different ways. Today you work for NASA and will use information you gather from the Internet and/or other references to make decisions on how you will classify the planets. Your task is to classify each of the nine planets using these criteria: Its orbit in relation to Earth--INFERIOR or SUPERIOR. The make-up of its surface--ROCKY (TERRESTRIAL) or GAS (JOVIAN). Its size or diameter--GIANT or SMALL. Its ability to be seen by our eyes--CLASSICAL or MODERN. After looking at information about the planets, how would you classify the planets?
Is Earth the Only Planet ?
WebQuest - Do you know the name of the 9 planets in the galaxy called the Milky Way? You will visit the various planets using the internet in order to answer the question; "Why is Earth the Only Planet You Can Live On?"
Journey Into the Universe
WebQuest - Students engage in a problem-solving trip through our Solar System.  They must decide what items to bring along to survive on a distant planet
Mars Quest
WebQuest - It is the year 2025. Terris T. Rialle, Director of Interplanetary Travel, has just hired your team as travel guides. Interplanetary travel has become very popular and you see a great future in this business. You want to provide travelers with the best information you can and plan to become a leader in your field. Grades 5-8
Moon Phases: The Moon's Many Faces
WebQuest - Travel through space and time to learn the many faces of the moon and to answer the questions: Is the moon really made of cheese? Where does the moon go after 29-31 days? The purpose of this space journey is to learn about the moon phases and to find out what the moon is made of.
WebQuest - Students explore Moon legends and data by forming expert teams and sharing knowledge. Grades 5-8
WebQuest - Students divide into five research teams to make recommendations for building a new observatory for NASA. Students will evaluate scientific and cultural data for five potential sites in Antarctica, Japan, Chile, and the United States and make presentations to a formal review panel. Grades 9-12
Nine Planets
WebQuest - Blast off! Travel through space to explore and answer questions about the nine planets in the solar system.
P.A.W.S - Planetary Advanced Warning System
WebQuest - A WWW Research Investigation developed by Carolyn Hinshaw. The Research Investigation is based on the Research Cycle from the work of Dr. Jamie McKenzie and the Bellingham School District. 
Planetary Web Quest
WebQuest - Welcome to the intergalactic Web Quest! You will shortly begin an exciting exploration of the Planets in our Solar System. Get comfortable and prepare to journey to the outmost reaches of the solar system. You are a member of an international scientific team in charge of the first planetary colony in our solar system. Your team must analyze the different planets and decide on which planet to colonize.
Searching for Just the Right Planet
WebQuest - In this WebQuest, students create a multimedia report recommending a planet for an orbiting space hotel. The assignment links to resources to support research and includes an evaluation rubric.
Space Explorer Unit
WebQuest - A WWW Research Investigation developed by Carolyn Hinshaw. The Research Investigation is based on the Research Cycle from the work of Dr. Jamie McKenzie and the Bellingham School District.
Space Rangers
WebQuest - Is the moon a planet? Why is the moon different shapes? Can we live on the moon? What is the moon made of? Has anyone been to the moon? You are one of the new members of the Space Rookies. Your group has just received your Space Ranger Handbook. The handbook includes all of the requirements for becoming a Space Ranger. To become a Space Ranger, you and the other Space Rookies must learn about the earth and moon. Earning Space Rookies' merit badges will help you on your way to becoming a Space Ranger. You and three other Space Rookies have decided to learn all about the Earth and moon. The information you gather will be presented at Space Ranger Meeting.
Space - The Final Frontier
WebQuest - Join us for the voyages of the Starship "Cannon"prize! Buckle up! Sit back and relax and tell your family and friends good-bye for awhile. We will return and share our discoveries with others! Solar System WebQuest for Elementary Students
Space WebQuest
WebQuest - Nashville Public Schools WebQuests developed with Kathy Schrock
Water on the Moon?
WebQuest - With the possible discovery of ice on the Moon the scientific community is buzzing with the possibility of a future lunar colony. Should we return to the moon and explore its surface again? Should we find a way to utilize this source and set up some kind of colony on the Moon for the exploration of other places such as Mars? Your task will be to learn about the Moon and Lunar Exploration to determine if we should go back to the Moon and how we can do it.
Web Quest Comets
WebQuest - We live in a region of space known to us as the Solar System.  The Solar System consists of planets and their moons, stars (the sun), and other objects such as asteroids, meteors, and comets.  These Web Quests will explore comets by using web resources. 
What Is an Inferior Planet?
WebQuest - Today you visit a web site to find out what an inferior planet is. There are two of them. What are their names and why are they called "inferior?" Find an interesting fact about each of the INFERIOR PLANETS that you never knew before. Turn it into a question that one of your friends could research.

Environment WebQuests

EcoQuest: Desert Edition
WebQuest - The desert is often looked at as a wasteland, dead, void of life. Many people pass through this area without noticing the wealth of life and possibilities which exist behind its dry, rock-ridden mask. This assignment requires you to explore different aspects of the desert environment by walking in the shoes of the people who live there. You and your group will be given a role in which to investigate the desert and its unique nature.
Fate of the Rain Forests
WebQuest - This lesson is about the challenges for the survival of the rainforests. This unit is designed for upper elementary and is appropriate for use by science, social studies and math teachers
Rainforest Realities
WebQuest - Here's a three week webquest in which students work in groups to research life within the Amazon rainforest from the perspective of a specific role (e.g., anthropologist, ethnobotnist, zoologist, cartographer). The unit contains suggested web sites, activities (both for the specific roles and for the group as a whole), and assessments.
Rainforest Web Quest
WebQuest - The tropical rainforest is home for some of the most unusual plant and animal life on Earth. Thousands of exotic species are on the verge of becoming extinct. You are going to learn more about the rain forest and what is happening to it. You will discover what you as a student can do to help. You will begin your quest first taking a tour. Look and listen as you take your tour. Then search the websites below to complete your RainForest Quick Fact Sheet. At the end of your quest, you may choose one picture from the exotic species in the Tropical Coloring Book to print and color. You will tell the class one way that you can help save the rain forest.
Recycle The Earth
WebQuest - The earth is our home and we need to protect it. Learn what you can do to help protect the earth. Find ways to recycle resources: air, water, fuel, etc.
This Land is Your Land
WebQuest - You are a member of a five commissioner panel for Recycle City. The budget is due in two weeks and the emphasis this year is to clean up the town. To make the necessary decisions you need to become an expert in an area dealing with one of five types of solid waste that is giving your town a problem.
Under the Umbrella of the Tropical Rainforest
WebQuest - A web quest about the environment, this site asks students to travel through the rain forest and keep a journal in which they consider perils to the environment. In this Web Quest, you will journey to the tropical rainforests of the Amazon in South America. You will explore the geography, culture and lifestyle of the people, plant life, animal life, climate, and environment. You will encounter groups that are destroying the rainforest for profit and for survival. You will also encounter a group that is using the resources of the rainforest without destroying it. You will create a journal as you travel through this web of information. Through your journal entries, you will discuss all the above listed areas and present a plan for the future of this rich environment.
Webquest on Animals of the Rainforest
WebQuest - The Indianapolis Zoo would like to expand their rainforest exhibit and need to learn more about animals who live in the rainforest. Your group will be scientists from the Indianapolis Zoo and go to one of the large rainforests in South America, Africa, or Southeast Asia. Pick 5 birds, mammals, amphibians, or insects to learn more about.
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General Science WebQuests

Deserts of the World
WebQuest - As members of the global community, we must increase our understanding of the desert regions of the world. Today the relationships among peoples in desert environments affect environmental protection, world food supplies, agribusiness, and cultural and biodiversity. Comparing and contrasting our own desert communities with other desert regions is a first step to solving many of the world's environmental, food and diversity problems. By completing this quest you will have gained great insight into our world's desert environments.
DNA for Dinner?
WebQuest - Veteran teacher Bill Peace of Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School in Massachusetts has created a first rate science WebQuest that helps students explore the issue of genetically engineered foods. A true WebQuest that fosters critical thinking, this activity is well thought out, pleasing to the eye and engages students with such essential questions as: "Do consumers want labels on food crops that state that they are genetically modified? Would such labels help or harm us in the long run?" The Task challenges students to draft a law that would address labelling genetically engineered foods in the United States. Grade: High School

EcoQuest:Desert Edition

WebQuest - This assignment requires you to explore different aspects of the desert environment by walking in the shoes of the people who live there. You and your group will be given a role in which to investigate the desert and its unique nature. You and your group will be asked to search several given URL's and to do research concerning the desert and how it affects the lives of those who live there. After researching your role, you will be asked to gather specific information relative to your role. This information will then be used to create a written report and multimedia presentation.
Forensic Science WebQuest
WebQuest - Your class works for the Germantown Academy Crime Investigation Department. A body has been found in the woods near Sheaf Lane. You have been called in to investigate the possible homicide. As forensic scientists, you have many tools at your disposal to analyze the body and the crime scene. As a class you will research the analytical areas in forensic technology to produce a written document for a global audience. You will also produce a presentation to be given to your fellow classmates.
Human Body
WebQuest - An Internet Hotlist on Information on the human body - Did you know that your body has 206 bones? Wow, that's amazing! Your body is pretty awsome when you think about it. In this web page, you will learn fun and interesting facts about your body. What does the inside of you look like? Or how does your heart work? These and more of your questions will be answered on our quest to learn about the human body! Good luck and happy learning!
J and J Simple Machines
WebQuest - In this WebQuest you will learn definitions and to identify examples of simple machines. You will then be able to investigate various compound and complex machines and locate examples of each simple machine defined. This information will enable you to create a new compound machine to solve a problem.
Nature Around Us WebQuest
WebQuest - Imagine this: 150 years ago the land where you live is where the forests met the prairie. Wow how things have changed! How has all of the developement affected the animals and the environment? Your job in this WebQuest is to explore the different points of view: Environmentalist, Community Developer, Construction Worker, and the Farmer. Each person on your team will learn one piece of the puzzle and then you will come together to get a better understanding of the topic After hearing the different perspectives from the experts on-line, it is up to you to decide your own position on this issue.
Preparing a Science Fair Project
WebQuest -
Pumpkin Patch
WebQuest - As cities continue to grow and suburban sprawl takes over the countryside, fewer children have opportunities to experience nature firsthand; to actually feel the earth in their hands; to grow plants from seed. Your school is going to give inner city children these very experiences. You will be creating a pumpkin patch that will give children opportunities to grow and learn as they become active participants in your project. You have been assigned the task of creating a pumpkin patch in the acre field behind your school. This environmental science project will be visited by inner city elementary students at different times throughout the year.
Science Fair Display Info.
WebQuest - Information Quest to Create a Science Fair Display - You have just been informed that you will be expected to complete a science fair project and produce a successful display to exhibit your project and results. DON'T PANIC! Completing this Information Quest* will help you to recognize a good display and construct one yourself. With the coordinated efforts of your group, you will learn what a display is, what to include in your display, and how to produce a good display.
Signs For The Pines
WebQuest - Your sign making company, Pine Tree Graphics, has been asked to design signs or booklets for the nature study area at your school. The signs and booklets will help the visitors to the area learn about the plants and animals that live in the area. You will be paid according to how well you do your design, and you know you want the best pay possible. Do your best work! A Problem-Based Learning Activity for 3rd Grade
Simple Machines WebQuest
WebQuest activity
Sound demonstrations book 

Health WebQuests

Apples! Apples!
WebQuest - The apple is one of the most popular fruits of them all. You may have even had one at lunch today, but did you know that there are hundreds of varieties, or kinds, of apples? Did you know that apples can be used to make several different foods? You have probably heard of Johnny Appleseed, but do you know the truth and the legends about his life? Come and learn all these things and more on our AppleQuest!
Body Tune-Up
WebQuest - This is Bummer Body. Bummer needs to know how to solve the problem of not feeling well. Bummer's symptons are; no energy, sick a lot, weak muscles, sleepy all the time, toothaches,injuries from bicycle accident, greasy hair, bad breath, and dirty body. Bummer has no friends. Let's face it, would you want to be Bummer's friend? Your job is to help Bummer! Bummer is lost and trying to find his way home to a healthly body. On his journey he travels through Healthville, USA. You are to identify "Bummer Body's health problems! Assume the role of either "FannyFood","Eddie Exercise", Hannah Hygiene, or "Sammy Safety". Then search for and gather information (as that character) that will give Bummer a healthy body! Create, produce, and perform a radio program using dialogue, music, sound effects showing how you solved his problem.  
Bones, Bones, and More Bones
WebQuest - Nashville Public Schools WebQuests developed with Kathy Schrock
Creative Foods For Kids
WebQuest - You are a member of a group of menu makers. You and your partners are going to create a menu that will be used by a healthy foods restaurant that will be opening soon. Your menu will include breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a day that includes the correct number of servings of each group. Your group will have to present your menu in a creative way for the other students in your class as if they were the owners of the new restaurant.

Foods We Eat WebQuest - There are many different types of foods that we can choose to eat. Some of them are good for us, and some of them are not so good for us. Are you eating healthy? After you complete this webquest, you will be able to answer that question. If you find out that you are not eating very healthy, you can change your diet and you can begin to eat healthy.

WebQuest - Have you ever been teased? How did it feel? Have you ever teased anyone? If so, WHY? Teasing and bullying in schools is a worldwide problem. You and your team members are a staff of writers and producers at a local television station. Your station is devoting an entire series to Teasing and Bullying In Schools (you may choose a better title). Part of the series will involve PSA's -- Public Service Announcements, that will be aired during early fringe and prime-time programming hours.

Invention WebQuests

Jessica L. Dietrich: Inventor Investigator
WebQuest - You have been chosen to be an Inventor Investigator. Do you know who invented the sewing machine? How about legos? And what about blue jeans? Who started the blue jean craze? There is an inventor behind every great invention (and every not-so-great invention). As an Inventor Investigator you will travel through the WWW in search of inventors and their inventions. Are you ready Inventor Investigator?

Natural Disaster WebQuests

Asteroid Webquest
WebQuest - Hollywood recently has released two box office hit movies with plots dealing with the threat of an impending asteroid collision with Earth. You are the governor of New Mexico and your office has become swamped with letters and phone calls from constituents wanting to know if this is a real threat to humanity and what the government is doing about it. People are panicked and are demanding a public response to their inquiries. With the assistance of your Press Secretary, you are to prepare a speech to be aired on local television networks in response to New Mexicans' concerns.
Dean Heffner: Tornadoes vs. Hurricanes
WebQuest - Tornadoes and hurricanes are two severe storms that threaten millions of people, cause millions of dollars in damage, and affect the environment around the world each year. Both these storms are violent and damaging,your job as a group of meteorologists to try and figure out which of these two storms is the most violent and damaging.
WebQuest - Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Floods, Thunderstorms, & Volcanoes: Learn the full scope of what's behind the powerful forces of nature. Why does an earthquake happen? How are volcanoes formed? What kind of damage will occur when a tornado comes my way? Is a thunderstorm really electricity? You got questions? We got answers.
Natural Disasters Webquest
WebQuest - Through a gift of nature you have been granted the special powers of a "superior being" and you now must send a Natural Disaster down upon your continent. All plant life, human life, structures and most importantly your endangered species will be affected by this Natural Disaster.
WebQuest - Volcanoes! What do you really know about them? You are invited to take a journey into the mysterious world of volcanoes and investigate questions you might have about them (I have a few of my own for you to answer). Don't worry if you have trouble getting answers to your questions, because when you have completed your quest you will have the opportunity to challenge a volcanologist!
WebQuest Tornado!
WebQuest - Students complete a worksheet as they explore hypertext links to sites on the WWW about tornadoes.
Will That Volcano Spoil Our Party?
WebQuest - The small Caribbean island of Mont Isle is planning to hold a major celebration in three months. The island is ten miles long and is part of an arc of islands that includes Grenada, Barbados, Dominica, and Antigua. At one end of the island is a tall, beautiful, cone-shaped mountain; a composite volcano which the natives call Poco-poco. The mountain is over 1000 meters tall and is also known as a strato volcano. The capitol city of Iguana Cay is located at the base of the mountain in the middle of the island. No one living on the island remembers any volcanic activity coming from Poco-poco. The mayor, Jose Cruz, is concerned that tourists may not come to the celebration because of other volcanic eruptions on nearby islands. He has asked your class to give him a briefing on volcanoes so he can give an explanation to any worried tourists. You are to prepare a multimedia report which will explain volcanoes to Mayor Cruz.
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Weather WebQuests

Cloud Quest
WebQuest - Is your head in the clouds? Today you're going to become cloud crazy! You have been hired as a meteorologist for Katonah Elementary School. You will become an expert on different types of white puffs in the sky. Your job is to complete a Cloud Catalog. It will consist of three drawings of different types of clouds along with a brief description of each. You will also need to answer some general questions about clouds.
In the Eye of the Storm
WebQuest - This WebQuest will give the students an insight into the destructive forces of tornadoes and hurricanes.  Students in grades four to eight will find this multidisciplinary exploration challenging, yet exciting!
Let's Weather The Weather Together!
WebQuest - An Internet Sampler on Weather
Weather for Kids (the Water cycle)
WebQuest - Take a tour through the water cycle! Learn about what happens to a drop of water as it experiences evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.
Weather WebQuest
WebQuest - Fifth grade students' Science curriculum includes a goal that states "the learner will build an understanding of weather and climate". This is a comprehensive webquest designed to be used over a period of days or teachers may choose to focus on only one area.
Weather Webquest
WebQuest - Congratulations!  You have been chosen for the Housing Explorer Team for the new frontier colonies.  Your mission is to explore the weather for your specific colony. You will be making suggestions to the Housing Council as to what type of house should be built in your colony. Since two colony sites have been chosen, we will have two teams.  Check with the president of the council (the teacher) for your team assignment. Then follow your team's instruction.

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