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Canada WebQuests

You Be The Travel Agent
WebQuest - A Social Studies Webquest on Canada

Career WebQuests

Career Inventory

WebQuest - This activity asks students to formulate ideas for personal career choices. Middle School & High School

Careers Past and Present
WebQuest - Since the beginning of time, humanity has been adapting to evolving class structures and divisions of labor. This has remained a necessary aspect of life as people moved from hunting and gathering-based societies to settled agrarian communities, and from farming towns to industrialized cities. As societies continue to evolve, the ways people live, work, and play change as well. The jobs your grandfathers and grandmothers had bear little resemblance to the jobs that your grandchildren will have in the future. Now, more than ever, it is important for you to understand how world events have an effect on you and the way you will live your life in the future.
WebQuest - This WebQuest will help students learn about the importance of individual jobs in the community. Students will apply the terms "specialization" and division of labor" in operating their own business.

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Explorer WebQuests

Lewis and Clark Expedition
WebQuest - This site allows virtual explorers to make six crucial decisions as a leader of the Lewis and Clark expedition. At the end of the choices, there are some great links to Lewis and Clark sites. You'll face six major decisions that affected the outcome of the expedition.
Lewis and Clark Home Page
WebQuest - This web site of Lewis and Clark is to show the magnitude of their adventure in exploring a new territory in the early 1800's. These sights will guide and answer all questions on the Lewis and Clark expedition from St. Louis to the Oregon Coast. Your task is to work as a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Lewis and Clark had several people in their party keep their own journal in case something happened to their own journals. Each person in your group will take on the role.

General History WebQuests

Ancient Egypt Webquest
WebQuest - "You must locate the burial mask of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen (King Tut.)  On the inside of the mask is written a message that if successfully decoded could solve our earth's environmental crisis. Your quest is to decode the Ancient Egyptian message and return to our time. To be successful, you must utilize all your available resources (books, experts, and your computer.) Your quest will be completed when each mission is finished successfully.
Ancient Egypt
WebQuest - Your task will be to "locate the burial mask of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen (King Tut.) On the inside of the mask is written a message that if successfully decoded could solve our earth's environmental crisis. You must decode that message and return to our time. Your quest will be completed when each mission is finished successfully. 4th Grade
Ancient Egypt
WebQuest - You have been studying about the great ancient Egyptian civilization. You are going to use what you have learned in the classroom along with new information you will obtain from the internet to complete various tasks. You are going to create a step book showing the process of mummification. This book will be for your first grade book buddy. (Upper Elementary)
Ancient World Scavenger Hunt
WebQuest - Come to The Ancient World Scavenger Hunt! Dig around and journey through time to get the "low-down" on what happened back in Mesopotamian times.
Costs of War
WebQuest - In this interdisciplinary unit, students integrate current resources like core novels and film. Taking on the roles of nurse, statesman, poet, statistician, and conscientious objector, high school students explore the big questions about war: What conflicts are worth a fight? Would you serve your country to fight a war?
Hercules WebQuest
WebQuest - You've been selected to be a member of the top-notch advertising team at the Flashback Time Travel Agency. This unusual travel agency specializes in sending customers back in time to witness historic events. We have had some requests for travel adventures to Ancient Greece because of the popularity of the Disney movie, Hercules. Hercules was a mythological character, not a real person, but people are interested in visiting the sites where his heroic feats allegedly took place. We are developing a new type of travel package called a "Fantasy Adventure." This trip would send customers back to Ancient Greece to watch an enactment of one of Hercule's 12 labors. Your job is to put together a brochure, newspaper article, or advertisement for such an adventure. Remember we want great advertising but, above all, get the facts straight!
First Myth Project
WebQuest - Greek and Roman Mythology
Greek Mythology: It's All Greek to Me
WebQuest - During this grading period we are learning about Ancient Greece, Greek Mythology, Constellations, and Greek Mathematicians. This interactive activity will allow you to explore these different topics at your own pace.
Vietnam: a WebQuest
WebQuest - "The Vietnam War has made a lasting impression on the history of this country and it is vital for the generations that follow - that represent our future - learn the lessons of the Vietnam War. We cannot allow this war, indeed all wars, to be a forgotten page in a forgotten history book. We need to learn from our past in order to secure our future." The mayor announced a plan to hire a local artist to paint a large mural commemorating the Vietnam War on the side of the downtown public library. But the plan for a mural is causing a lot of controversy in your town. Some citizens don't want the mural at all. Other citizens have different opinions about what the mural should look like.

General Social Studies WebQuests

Absolute and Relative Locations
WebQuest - The social studies in many of North Carolina's schools is taught through the five themes of geography: location, place, movement, human-environmental interaction, and region. You are going to complete several tasks and activities that will help you to better understand the definition of location. It includes both relative and absolute locations. "Which is the most used type of location? Why?" These activities should help you to answer these questions and give specific reasons for your response.
Little Rock 9
WebQuest - A collaborative WebQuest on racial desegreation in schools, the Little Rock 9 focuses on the year, 1957, when 9 African American students enrolled in Central High School. The quest encourages students to think about the world they live in now. Written by Tom March High School
Pacific Bell - Little Rock Nine WebQuest
WebQuest - A Collaborative WebQuest on Racial Desegregation in Schools
Searching For China
WebQuest - The United States government feels very strongly about the need to understand China. To do this effectively, a special fact-finding team is being assembled that will travel to China to investigate the country, the people, and the culture. Instead of sending only diplomats or politicians, the team will comprise* people from very different backgrounds so that the facts they find present as much truth about China as possible. It's hoped that instead of bringing back stereotypes and postcards, the team members will come away with an accurate and informed perspective.
Summer Vacation is Almost Here!!
WebQuest - Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to plan a one week summer vacation for you and your family.  Your parents will pay the air fare, but you will need to create the vacation itinerary.  Your group will consist of four members and together you will plan an exciting fun filled week in the country of your choice.  In order for you to go on this fabulous vacation, you will need to prepare a letter persuading your parents to take you.  This letter should also include an itinerary of your travels. 
WebQuest for Peace: An Internet WebQuest on Kashmir
WebQuest - Developed by Pakistan teacher Fatemeh Sheikh, this Webquest tasks students with designing a lasting peace agreement between India and Pakistan. Grade Level: Middle School, High School

Holocaust WebQuests

Anne Frank and Children of the Holocaust
WebQuest - You have just been hired to help create a documentary about Anne Frank and the Children of the Holocaust for the CBS Network. Your job is to visit different web sites to research information about the courage of Anne Frank and other children of the Holocaust. You are to complete each activity or activities assigned by your teacher and follow the instructions that are given. Good Luck!
Children of the Holocaust
WebQuest - The WebQuest challenges students to examine the amazing perserverance of Anne Frank during the Nazi regime
Devil's Arithmetic: A Holocaust Webquest
WebQuest - Devil's Arithmetic: A Holocaust Webquest - Time travel takes Hannah Sterns back to the time of the Holocaust in Jane Yolen's book The Devil's Arithmetic. You and your partner are travel writers who are writing a guide for that same trip taken by Hannah Sterns to a 1940's Polish shtetl, a Jewish village. What did the book's main character Hannah know that Chaya and her relatives did not? What do readers need to know before they visit the time period of the Holocaust?
Diary of Anne Frank
WebQuest - Multiple activities which emphasize analytical thinking and student creativity guide students through an emotional yet engaging topic
Holocaust: A WebQuest
WebQuest - With more understanding of the Holocaust, we hope such an unfortunate tragedy will never happen again. So, congratulations! You've gained priority access to the Internet to gather information on the World Wide Web. Additionally you should be preparing yourself to share with the class your insights and comments. At the end of this unit you will be asked to add information on this topic to the West Greene Middle School Message Board. This information will be posted for all the school and world to see. 7th grade

Map WebQuests

Map Adventure
WebQuest - Welcome to Map Adventure! You are going to learn about different types of maps and be able to locate your home address on a map.
Mapping on the Net
WebQuest - Through the use of maps and mapmaking activities, the student will the study the physical surrounding in their neighborhood, city,county, and state. The students will use or create political, physical, relief, topographic, and soils maps. You will be learning about reading, locating and making maps. You will be locating different map resources on the Internet.You use that information of create you own custom map of your neighborhood.
WebQuest - Interactive atlas, personalized maps, tripquest.
Nancy Kepner: Map Skills WebQuest
WebQuest - Maps have been around for years! People seem to be always on the move. Whether your walking around the city or riding in a car you need to know how to read and use a map! Students will enter their home address to locate a map of their neighborhood, identify and use longitude and latitude lines to locate the state where they live and other states, find facts about their state, and compare Political and Physical Maps. Grade 3
What Can You Learn From Maps?
WebQuest - An Internet Treasure Hunt on Map Skills

Medieval WebQuests

Day in the Life of a Medieval Knight: A WebQuest
WebQuest - We are going to find out how a knight lived in the medieval times.  We will search to find out what he eats, where he sleeps, what kind of clothes he wears, and what his job is.  
Medieval WebQuest
WebQuest - You will research one aspect of Medieval culture and times.

South America WebQuests

Day of the Dead
WebQuest - This webquest explores the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, and the aspects that surround this celebration. The purpose of this lesson is to learn about the activities, history, food, and artists behind this holiday.
Maya Trek
WebQuest - You will learn about the ancient Maya while visiting the Mayaquest biking expedition. Here are a few of the activities to complete: Read about the jaguar, quetzal, and other rain forest animals. Decide what they might have symbolized to the Mayans. Draw a quetzal. Write a folktale. Look at photographs. Sketch one and describe another one.
MayaQuest WebQuest
WebQuest - Your task is to find information in various reports from the MayaQuest team. You will use this information to answer questions on the MayaQuest InfoQuest. In the following weeks you will continue to visit the web site and collect information, pictures and/or videos from the team's journals. You will use this information to prepare a HyperStudio presentation on the Mayan Region. This project will be done collaboratively. Each pair of students will be assigned a specific aspect of the "quest" for their presentation.
Mexican WebQuest
WebQuest - Working in groups of two or three, you are to select a topic relating to Mexico--it can be cultural (art, customs, traditions, holidays), historical (the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Mexican Revolution) or geographical in nature (a tourist's handbook for a particular city or region of Mexico, a study of environmental issues,etc.)
South American Countries Webquest
WebQuest - Students will travel to South America via web sites and discover facts about one of the countries including the geography, current money conversion and today's weather. They will then present this information to their classmates using a poster that they have made. With a partner you will gather information on a country in South America. You will have an opportunity to present this information to your classmates and compare and contrast the information with the same data on other countries that your classmates have gathered using a spreadsheet and graphs.

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