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4th & 5th Grade US History Sources - Civil War
A Nation Divided
WebQuest - The Civil War brought out many emotions for both the North and the South. Friends, families and even states were torn apart. After completing this webquest, you will be able to describe what it was like to be a Confederate or Union soldier.
Abraham Lincoln Online
Speeches, writings, a quiz, historic places and Lincoln resources.
American Civil War Homepage
Wonderful information and pictures about the Civil War.
American Civil War
Welcome to the American Civil War web site. It is the intent of the creators of this web site to give the visitor a feel for the war and exactly how costly and tragic it really was. The Civil War Experience is a series of pages designed as a presentation.
American Civil War Theme
Connecting Students Through Themes and Units - a great wealth of resources from all over the Web - Lists sites devoted to individual explorers as well as general sites.
Behind the Stone Wall/ Civil War http://www.JATRUCK.COM/stonewall/
Bookmark this site! It depicts the Civil War battlefield of the Battle of Gettysburg, and panoramic views of each point on a map of the entire location. There are links and more information on related topics including ghosts.
Civil War
This ThinkQuest Junior entry created by elementary students  includes such information as the people, places, and the events and a time line of the Civil War.
Civil War Cemetery
WebQuest - We begin our study of the Civil War in the cemetery because "at least 600,000 Americans would lose their lives fighting for constitutional principle, sectional differences, economic self-interest, and moral righteousness. As a defining moment in United States history, our Civil War has no equal, which is why it remains such a fascinating subject even today." Your task is to wear the boots of an American citizen between 1861 and 1865.  Today they are found in cemeteries, in books, on film and on the World Wide Web. You will choose a role from the list below and visit related Web sites to learn details of their lives. You will become that person for a Living History Museum presented to lower grade students.
Civil War Fiction-Boulder Public Library 
Civil War Gazette - WebQuest
WebQuest - You are newspaper reporters, living in the civil war era assigned to research, write, & edit a single edition of your newspaper focusing on a specific battle during the civil war. Include a news article about the battle; human interest story; & editorials
Civil War Highlights
A review of the major battles of the civil war told from both the northern and southern perspective. It talks about civil war battles and what happened throughout the war.
Civil War Home Page
Battles, letters & diaries, photos, people, etc.
Civil War Journey
WebQuest - The year is 1862 and the United States is in the midst of a Civil War. You may find that acquaintances, and even family members, may be joining in as well but on the opposing side. This letter is to inform you that you and your best friend have been called to duty. You will be serving on opposing sides. You and your friend will be corresponding with each other while participating in your own causes. You still feel that your friendship is important even though you both have different beliefs. You must pick a battle that you were both involved in and write to each other about the battle from your own perspective.
Civil War Maps
Historic USGS Maps of New England - The 13 Original States
Civil War in Children's Literature
A literature resource from Carol Hurst.
Civil War Photographs
This collection of 1,118 Civil War photographs can be searched by keyword, browsed by subject, or viewed by year. There is a list of represented photographers (most of the photographs were made under the direction of Matthew Brady), a brief article on how photographs of the era were made, bibliographies, related links, and an essay, Does the Camera Ever Lie?, about how the photographer got his desired message into his pictures. Administered by the Library of Congress.
Civil War Theme
Civil War-Live!
One stop center for information on the United States Civil War. Civil War timeline, and a table of battles. Civil War character generator will allow you to do just that, create Civil War characters.
Dakota State University's American Civil War Index Page
Take your pick from the many subdivisions this site offers related to the Civil War. Learn about everything from flags to cavalry to prisons and prisoners.
Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad
Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad is an interactive web site created by a second grade class at Pocantico Hills School in Sleepy Hollow, New York. The site includes an interactive quiz, timeline, research links, character sketches, and much more. - Civil War
HomeworkCentral has excellent resources.
Images of the Civil War
Photographs of army life, generals, enlisted men, women, etc.
KidsClick! Civil War
Resources selected by librarians for kids.
KidsClick! Slavery
Resources selected by librarians for kids.
Life as a Slave
WebQuest - Students will learn about the lives of slaves. They will learn about slavery at Old Salem, a Moravian community in North Carolina; at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia; at Mount Vernon, home of George Washington; and at Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson. They will then read narratives of former slaves to gain insights into the life of a slave. Grades 3-5
Our Virtual Underground Railroad Quilt
Created by fourth grade students, this site is the product of their extensive research on the Underground Railroad. Also included is a word search puzzle, a crossword puzzle, quiz, and links to other interesting resources about the underground railroad.
Poetry & Music of the War Between the States
Union and Confederate poetry about battles, officers, soldier life, etc. This one gives us views of both sides.
Selected Civil War Photographs Home Page
This site, part of the American Memory/Library of Congress contains 1,118 photographs.Images include scenes of military personnel, preparations for battle, and battle after-effects. The collection also includes portraits of both Confederate and Union officers, and a selection of enlisted men.
Spies in Disguise: Female Civil War Spies
WebQuest - Spies are important sources of information in any war and the best ones are people you would never suspect. Throughout history, women have been spies and the American Civil War was no exception. Whether they dressed as men and joined the army, posed as dimwitted slaves, or just kept their ears open in social circles, female spies provided critical information. It was a woman spy who provided Union battle plans to Confederate Army which allowed them to win the First Battle of Manassass (also known as First Bull Run). Your task is to present a 2-4 minute videotaped news feature story detailing the life of one female Civil War spy and explaining why they have been inducted into a fictional American Women's Hall of Fame. Included in this story will be a re-creation of a specific scene in this woman's life.
Underground Railroad
WebQuest - This lesson was developed as a way to engage sixth grade students directly in learning about the Underground Railroad.  It was designed to help them create their own learning experience.
Underground Railroad
WebQuest - Students will learn about the Underground Railroad. They will learn about slaves and conductors. They will experience the dangerous and uncertain journey taken by thousands of slaves as they were assisted by many to freedom.
US Civil War 1861-1865
Civil War links: Civil War Resources, Civil War Overview, Civil War History, Causes of the Civil War, Civil War Timeline, Slavery Statistics, Abe Lincoln, The United States Civil War Center

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