Comparing Our Schools

A Global Project - Across Washington (and a bit further!)

We have just completed a global project, Comparing Our Classrooms, involving 12 other classrooms. This involved emailing the other schools, gathering our data, inputting it into a web based form, and gathering data for all 12 schools off a web page. Then we worked in our groups to put the data from our question into an Excel spreadsheet and make a graph that was colorful and personalized, yet easy to read. Once we had our graphs made each group analyzed their data and wrote comparison statements about their data to answer the problem.

The Problem:
Your team was asked to describe, analyze, and interpret the collected data and then to make a final decision on the quesion, "Are we more the same or more different then the other schools in our project".

See complete text of the project on The Learning Space at Comparing Our Schools: A Math Across Washington Global Project and a list of Participating Schools

See each team's completed graph (made with Excel) and comparing statements below.
Team 1: Allie & Hans
Comparing Playground Equipment
Team 2: Brandon, Andrew, Corie, and Ben
Comparing Buying or Bringing Lunches
Team 3: Erik, Rachel, Erik S
Comparing How We Get to School
Team 4: Austin, Sherice, & Tyler
Comparing Boys and Girls
Team 5: Lacey, Katherine, Robert, & Robby
Comparing Favorite School Lunches
Team 6: Bryan & Sam
Comparing Eye Colors
Team 7: Greg, Jacob, & Nicole
Comparing After School Activities

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Updated 02/08/2005