Mars Exploration 2004

News Flash: Water on Mars!!! || Glossary

There are MANY Incredible sites with information on Mars. Here are a few we will be using:

The New Mars - a nice "flashy" site (you will need a fast connection speed). From the top horizontal menu you may select:

How Much Would You Weigh on Another Planet? || How Old Would You Be on Another Planet? || 3D Solar System || Space Kids: Solar System Tour

Parents: FREE Mars Exploration Software From NASA!!!

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has released Maestro, a FREE public version of software used by NASA scientists to design goals for the Mars Exploration Rovers and analyze the images received from Mars. You may download Maestro from and use it to follow along with the rovers’ progress during the mission. You can use Maestro to view pictures from Mars in 2D and 3D and create simplified rover activity plans. During the mission, updates will be released for Maestro containing the latest images from Mars.

Video Updates

Passport to Knowledge Videos:

Opportunity Rover Finds Strong Evidence Meridiani Planum Was Wet - Archived copy of the Mar. 2, 2004 webcast (Scientist explaining rock forms first, "Geological Field Trip" begins at 12:50)

MER Animation - A close look at MER from JPL, NASA & Cornell University (Used in Class: shows launch to landing on Mars)

Mission to Mars Home -

Mission to Mars for Kids - Great information, including:

Mars Exploration Rovers (MER)

Learn about the MERs at these sites. The sun provides enough power for driving during a four-hour window around noon. The rovers trek up to 328 feet each sol (Martian day).

Mars Exploration Rover Mission Home - NASA'S Jet Propulsion Laboratory offers up-to-the-minute information from Mars. Track the rovers Spirit and Opportunity, see the latest images of the Red Planet and more! Special section for students: Mars for Kids

Mars Exploration: Home

JPL Mars Exploration Rovers -

Mars Exploration Rover Briefings on NASA TV

Mars Images Mars Profile (from Welcome to the Planets - a collection of images from NASA's planetary exploration program.)

Images of Mars and All Available Satellites -

Mars Exploration: Multimedia -

Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Multimedia - Don't miss the 3-D Images, Panoramas, or Space Craft Images!

Mars Orbit - This animation shows how Earth and Mars move around the Sun in their orbits.

Mars Images from NASA: Planetary Photojournal (images) or Gallery (video) -

AMNH Mars - American Museum of Natural History Mars site. Many outstanding pages with easy to understand information. Here are some pages you don't want to miss:

Mars Introduction || Animations of Mars || Animation of the Olympus Mons Caldera || Martian Volcanoes || from Views of the Solar System (Spanish version)

Volcanism on Mars - from VolcanoWorld -

Mars -

Planet Structure - from Windows on the Universe

Drive On Mars Movies - A selection of Movies from Drive On Mars

Did you know? Mars has the largest volcano in the Solar System, Olympus Mons.

Play Space Sense to test your knowledge of space trivia (Unless you have thoroughly studied Mars you will want to begin with the beginning level of Space Sense for Kids.)

Mars Fun Activities: Word Search || Slider Puzzles || Concentration

Fun & Games featuring: Play Order it Up: Solar System Edition || Junk in Space ||


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