Dinosaur Resources

ABC Online - Walking with Dinosaurs - Several outstanding sites including Dinosaur Playground, Dinosaur Puzzle, Dinosaur Bones, Dinosaur Memory, and Dinosaur Slide Game for the younger children. Don't miss the timeline for each period at the top of the page, the fact sheets, and Meet the Dinosaurs.

BBC Online - Walking with Dinosaurs - Be sure to check out Chronology, Games and Quizzes, and Fact Files. (Similar to ABC Online-Walking with Dinosaurs above)

Berit's Best Sites For Children: Dinosaurs -

BLM Environmental Education: Set in Stone - Learn how dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. Learn how fossils are discovered and created. See how paleontologists are discovering new information using the latest techniques in geographic information systems & technology - classroom activities.

Dino-Roar - A site where students can hear how duckbill dinosaurs may have sounded and read how scientists at Sandia Labs reached their conclusions.

Dino Russ's Lair - An amazingly exhaustive set of links developed by a geologist working at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. This is the complete one-stop information shop about dinosaur art, dinosaur digs, dinosaur eggs, dinosaur exhibits, and additional dinosaur sites. Use the links or ask Russ himself to find out more about dinosaurs.

Dinobase - Dinosaur Database - Dinobase contains an alphabetical dinosaur species list, as well as a list by author (discoverer) or date (of discovery). Dinosaur Cards are alphabetical by genera and provide the length, weight, time period, and distribution for many species. Includes general information about these ancient reptiles, speculation about why they died out, a bibliography, and photographs.

Dinorama - Stay up-to-date on the dinosaur world with National Geographic's Dinorama, featuring news about scientific discoveries such as the bones of a chicken-sized dinosaur in China or a dinosaur skeleton with a crocodile-like skull in the Sahara. You'll also find videoclips and audioclips from press conferences and interviews with paleontologists, as well as "Did you know?" trivia. Younger readers will enjoy the online version of National Geographic's children's magazine, World, Wanted Albertosaurus, which allows them to follow a dinosaur detective as he searches for a field of dinosaur fossils. They can also join an egg hunt and hatch fossilized dinosaur eggs in "Dinosaur Eggs", a behind-the-scenes look at the 1996 *National Geographic* feature "The Great Dinosaur Egg Hunt."

dinos.1.html -

Dinosaur Eggs - This location by National Geographic takes students on a hunt for dinosaur eggs and shows how these eggs are "hatched" by researchers who wish to study the embryos inside. The site includes many great stories about today's scientists and their work studying dinosaurs.
Dinosaur Sites and Sources - North Canton Schools

Dinosaur Theme - CLN - This "Theme Page" has links to two types of resources related to the study of dinosaurs. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme.

Dinosaur Tracks - WebQuest - Your mission is to investigate dinosaur tracks. You will discover what different dinosaur tracks look like, and where they are found. In order to have your map approved by Dan, you will need the following: A map displaying your work. A list of vocabulary words and their meanings. Pictures of different types of dinosaurs.  

Dinosaur WebQuest - WebQuest - Travel back through time to learn about dinosaurs! The purpose of this expedition is to learn about prehistoric life! Learn about the size, shape, movement, and food of dinosaurs. Grades K-2

Dinosaur WebQuest - WebQuest - Your assignment if you accept: To travel back into time to recover some dinosaur DNA. It seems that many birds are dying off from some mysterious reason and are in danger of extinction. You and your team will need to trace back the ancestry of birds and find any and all relatives, recover the DNA and return safely. Check out the reason for their extinction. Make sure it's not the same thing happening all over again.

Dinosauria - The University of California at Berkeley has created several dinosaur exhibits, including one about a recent dinosaur discovery. Grades 6-12


Dinosaurs - Gander Academy's Theme Pages - a great wealth of resources from all over the Web

Dinosaurs - Model Thematic Unit - Thematic Unit For Primary Grades from the University of South Carolina

Dinosaurs - First grade activity pages from Mountain City Elementary


Dinosaurs: A Thematic Unit for Primary - complete multi-disciplinary unit

Dinosaurs Education - Great info on dinosaurs

Dinosaurs Fact List - Simple information pages about many dinosaurs for children.

Dinosaurs Home Page - Comprehensive unit

Dinosphere - A site developed at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis with interesting stories about many facets of dinosaurs, including a location where students may dig for dinosaurs, as well as great ideas for making dinosaur models from classroom materials.

Dinoworld -This exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Natural History lets you see the skeletons and fossils of 18 dinosaur species. As you view the bones and artwork, you can read facts about each species and discover the translation of each dinosaur's name--learning, for example, which dinosaur's name means "the egg thief" or which dinosaur was named "elegant jaw."

Discovering Dinosaurs - Creative activities sponsored by Encyclopaedia Britannica Web site. Use a time grid to read about dinosaur anatomy, behavior, or physiology. Teacher study guides to the activities, which includes teaching and classroom management strategies, assessment and evaluation tips, correlations to national science education standards, and additional resources.

Discovery Channel - Walking with Dinosaurs - Play the Dinosaur Survival Game!

Dyllan's Dinosaur Pages - Created for a 7-year-old who loves dinosaurs!

Elementary Theme Pages - The Dinosaurs - Elementary Theme Pages by Jim Cornish, Gander Academy, Newfoundland, Canada

Field Museum - A great site with several useful areas related to dinosaurs including, "Sue on the Web," a presentation explaining how a new T-Rex dinosaur is being conserved.

Find Dinosaur Pictures - An Index of Links to Great Dinosaur and other Prehistoric Art
Fossil Hunt - Elementary students gain an understanding of the problem/puzzle solving aspects to putting together a fossil record by having to reconstruct a torn-up paperback book.
Fossils - Gander Academy's Theme Pages - a great wealth of resources from all over the Web
Fossils & Dinosaurs -

Funology.com - Dinosaur Movie

IBM Education - Lesson Plan Grade K-3 Dinosaurs Are Dino-mite! and Lesson Plan Grade 3-6 Dinosaurs Teacher and student activities are included.

InfoQuest Foundation - Learn about fossil hunting by seeing two of the most exciting expeditions ever! View the amazing images and read diary entries written by researchers in Patagonia and the Gobi Desert.

Instructional Materials in Paleontology - CLN (Community Learning Networks) Theme Pages are a mix of links providing curricular content (information, tutorials, lessons) with web sites that offer instructional materials (lesson plans, advice for teachers, tips).

KidsClick! Dinosaurs - Resources selected by librarians for kids.
Land O' Dinosaurs - How do you respond to a young child who asks, What happened to the dinosaurs? You'll find the answer to this and other frequently asked questions on BillyBear4Kids.com's whimsical site for young children, featuring dinosaur jigsaw puzzles, cut-outs, clip art, flashcards, and stationery.
Museum of Paleontology at the University of California, Berkeley - A sophisticated series of tours through the world of paleontology.
National Geographic's Dinorama - This online diorama provides interesting information and links to dinosaur resources. Grades K-12
National Museum of Natural History's Paleobiology Website
NOVA Online: Curse of T.Rex -

PaleoZoo: Home of Prehistoric America, Dinosaurs - Select a state to learn about its dinosaurs, prehistoric heritage, fossils and state soil.

Paleontology - CLN (Community Learning Networks) Theme Pages are a mix of links providing curricular content (information, tutorials, lessons) with web sites that offer instructional materials (lesson plans, advice for teachers, tips).

Paleontology: The Big Dig - Learn, study, explore, and play games! from the American Museum of Natural History

Prehistoric Animal Illustrations - from the Dinosaur Art of Joe Tucciarone

Proteacher.com - A comprehensive listing of dinosaur lesson plans on this site by and for K-6 teachers. You'll find WebQuests, class activities, individual projects, curricular units--and a link to a "recipe" for your students to make their own fossil prints.

Read, Write Now - Dinosaurs - Several web-based book activities, as well as interactive dinosaur puzzles, games, and quizzes. Don't miss Dino-Mite Writing. A wealth of Internet Learning Activities from Marshall Elementary School, Lewisburg, TN.
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory's Dinosaur Unit - A particularly helpful resource with seven lesson plans for introducing students to types of dinosaurs, fossils, the dinosaur life cycle, and extinction, as well as background information for teachers, unit objectives, resources--and Spanish language translations.
Tina Ziegler: Dinosaurs - WebQuest - Congratulations! You are now a paleontologist. Any ideas of what we are searching for? Let us explore our job to see if you are right.
Unnatural Museum - Dinosaur Safari - Take a dinosaur safari through all of the Unnatural Museum's dinosaur related pages. Just work your way down this page taking each of the links to a different dinosaur stop.

Who Is Sue? - Sue is the largest, most complete, and best preserved Trex skeleton ever found. Learn all about Sue, her significance, and life at her new home at the Field Museum in Chicago.

Zooish Dinosaur Den

Zoom Dinosaurs - Enchanted Learning - Learn about dinosaurs, fossils, extinction, and geologic time. You can also use the illustrated dictionary of dinosaur-related terms, take quizzes, play games, and see what's in the Dino News. Use the menu to the left to help you find your way around. A commercial site with banner ads but this site contains amazing resources for the classroom study of dinosaurs.

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