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Instrument Gallery
Check out the cool instruments made by Music City third graders
Danielle created chimes from keys.
Grade Three Jamboree
Grade Three Jamboree
Grade Three Jamboree
Grade Three Jamboree

The Task!

You are invited to attend the third grade jamboree at Eagle Creek Elementary. You need to use your own homemade instrument. Your job is to research and create a musical instrument that produces sound.

Project steps:

  1. Research the methods of producing sound (This is introduced in your music class).
  2. Choose a sound method, design and decorate your instrument.
  3. Present your instrument to a second grade class, explaining how you designed it and demonstrate playing it.
  4. In your classroom, use expository writing to explain how you made your instrument. Expository writing includes all the facts or steps the reader needs to understand how you made your instrument. Your teacher may also ask you to draw a diagram.
  5. Join in the Jamboree in Music City for a fun activity to enjoy the learning you have experienced. (This event is planned by Mrs. Engell and all the classes attend at one time.)
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